Best time to visit Andamans!


Make your experience thrilling and exciting by visiting the Islands of Andaman where you will find the finest beaches, coral reefs, rainforests filled with everlasting greenery, active volcano, elephants swimming and giant fish. To know about Andaman, it is a group of more than 572 Islands with abundance of rocks and islets situated in the Bay of Bengal which is south east to the Indian mainland. The Andaman is marked to be one of the dream destinations as it offers a very eco-friendly environment for many tourists. We insist, make this experience an unforgettable journey as you venture into the fine waters of aquatic life.

Before that, it is important to know the right time when you can visit this place. The favorable time to visit this place is from the month of October to May. Andaman usually has a very moderate climate throughout the year ranging from 23 degree Celsius to 31 degrees as it is a tropical area. Andaman has not known any severe climatic conditions with tropical storms and rains in the monsoons and the late summers as an exception. Check the details of some activities that you can do during certain months:

• The winter season starts from December to February which is not too chilly and pleasant. However, it is the ideal time for sightseeing, tourist activities and water sports.

• The summer season in Andaman usually starts from March to May. It is warm and pleasant with a good sea breeze and the humidity level is about 80 %. You can do any kind of tourist activities during this period of time.

• The monsoon season starts from mid may to august and the post monsoon starts from September to November may have medium to heavy rainfall. Though it is not a good time to visit the nature does look beautiful at this time.

• Do not choose the period of time from the June to the September as it is prone to heavy rains and thunderstorms making it difficult for you to enjoy the sightseeing. So choose October to May as it is the apt time to enjoy the good weather in the Andaman.

According to some polls, the best month to visit the Andaman is during December as it is pleasant. The weather is very pleasing with a little bit of cold and plenty of clear blue skies. It is the perfect moth for sightseeing and enjoying a variety of water games. It is also marked to be the season of the Island tourism festival. Another good month you can consider would be January which is pretty fine and is one of the coolest months of the year. The days are pleasant with cool nights and clear skies where you can see the beautiful sunshine. February is also a good month to

visit as it is a great moth for sightseeing the attractions where you can enjoy yourself at the beach accompanied with activities like scuba diving and sea walking.