Sea Walking In Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Sea Walking In Andaman And Nicobar

Get to experience the ultimate thrill where all your worries vanish and your adventure underwater is something safe and not to be feared of. Who has not heard about the Andaman and Nicobar Islands that is well known for its crystal clear and shining water? The amount of clearness is something that sends us deep into the realms to venture inside it.

To know about Andaman and Nicobar, it is a union territory of India that is situated near the South Eastern Bay of Bengal. The capital of these Islands is The Port Blair also known as the paradise of nature. These Islands are abundant in underwater treasures. You can experience the feel of paradise as you visit this place with magnificent jewels and gleaming diamonds. Certainly, it is one of the cherished tourists’ spots visited by many foreigners all across the world.

The thrilling underwater sports adventure also makes it a rather exciting place to visit. Andaman is therefore becoming one of South Asia’s leading places as far as tourism is concerned.

Sea walking is one of the well known water adventures of the Andaman, where you can find marine life. Moreover, it is easy, simple and quick to learn. You do not need any previous experience in order to do sea walking. You don’t even need any complicated equipment that you need to handle as everything is provided to you and all you need to do is walk on the smooth floor of the sand underwater. This is made extremely safe where you will have no water hitting your face as you wear contacts and glasses to protect your face.

Even your face and hair remains absolutely dry. This is because of the full face large window, a sea walker helmet that protects you. This helmet also allows you to view the beauty inside the underwater world that is rich in aquatic life filled with corals and colorful fishes that you can play with! Therefore this is one of the best experiences that you can ever get, so do not miss this golden chance of visiting this beautiful part of life. Get your fantasies come to life with this experience as your feet touches the sea bed.

A joy unlike never before, as it feels like walking on space. The feeling of magic inside this brilliantly colored part of world filled with tropical reef fish. The best part of this is you can feed these friendly fishes underwater and also take a picture of yourself as you do so. After this adventure, these memories will surely stay with you for a long time that you can relish and rejoice about. Another advantage about sea walking is anyone from the age of 7 to 70 can try this adventure without any issues and have utmost safety.

In order to ensure extra safety, one of the most experienced and professional guides will be by your side. It is one of the greatest experiences for anyone who is dying to explore the underwater world.